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Based on the information that we have been able to gather, we have not been able to determine if this person connects to the Leger family tree. If you can shed some light, please contact us via email: Gilles Pinet.

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Looking for more informationD'après les informations que nous avons pu recueillir, nous n'avons pas été en mesure de déterminer si cette personne se connecte à l'arbre généalogique des Léger. Si vous êtes en mesure d'apporter des éclaircissements, s'il vous plaît nous contacter via courriel: Gilles Pinet.

Mary Lucy Delisio1

, n. 1929-07-17, d. 2007-11-04

  • Également connu comme Nana Mary.2
  • Mary Lucy Delisio est née le 1929-07-17 à Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.2
  • Mary Lucy Delisio a épousé Arthur Legere, fils de Antoine Legere et Bella (?), le 1953-09-12 à Holy Family Church, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.1,2
  • Mary Lucy Delisio est décédée le 2007-11-04.2
  • Les funérailles de Mary Lucy Delisio ont eu lieu 2007-11-09 à Holy Family Church, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.2
  • Mary Lucy Delisio a été inhumée à Swampscott Cemetery, Swanpscott, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.2

Les enfants de Mary Lucy Delisio et Arthur Legere:

Biographical information / Informations biographiques

Mary spent all of her life in the neighborhood where she was born and raised. Mrs. Legere was proud to say she was a graduate of the Machon Elementary School, entering shortly after it opened. She was followed by her children and grandchildren as was celebrated at the closing ceremonies of Machon School last spring, citing three generations of her family attending Machon. She continued her schooling in Swampscott, graduating Swampscott High School, Class of 1947. After graduation, Mrs. Legere had worked at the Marshmallow Fluff plant as well as the Champion Lamp Company, both of Lynn. Mrs. Legere met her husband of 53 years, J. Arthur Legere, where she worked at Lollipop Lane, in Swampscott. They were married in Holy Family Church on September 12, 1953. Together they built a home in the Swampscott neighborhood where she grew up and raised four children, Arthur Frederick “Ricky”, David James, Lisa Marie, and Denise Jean. All of whom after marrying, stayed in the neighborhood moving within a few streets of their parents home, to raise their families, completing three generations. During her life there, Mrs. Legere was a member of the Machon School PTA, a former Machon School Aide, a member of the Woman’s Group of Saint John the Baptist Club, a Pack 56 Cub Scout Troop leader and Den Mother, and Brownie Troop Leader. She was a communicant of the Holy Family Church, and enjoyed her times working with her sisters at the church’s annual Festa Italiana. Mrs. Legere was innovative in her many hobbies. In her teens, she not only developed and printed her own film, she made her own cameras. In an era of “black and white” film, she developed her own way of colorizing her prints. She loved drawing and would often spend time conveying her talents to her children and then to her grandchildren. Mary loved to cook. Whether it was Sicilian pizza, pasta, meatballs and sauce, pizzeles, or one of her many beautiful birthday cakes, all of the family gatherings revolved around Mary’s good food. Most recently, she and her husband Arthur took the whole family to Disney World, creating memories for their children and grandchildren to enjoy for many years to come.

Mrs. Mary Legere was from a time in which men and women are characterized as the “Greatest Generation”. She was a woman who possessed a remarkable blend of talents which she has nurtured and passed on to her children. Mary Lucy Legere was a wife, mother, grandmother, mentor, friend, artist, a great cook, and a lady who will surely be missed.2

Chronology / Chronologie

DatesDetails / Détails
2007Au moment de son décès, Mary Lucy Delisio demeurait à Swanpscott, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.2
The information found on this page have been validated to the best of my knowledge. The consulted sources are listed in the "References" section. If you have further information that you are willing to share, contact me via email: Gilles Pinet.
Les informations contenues sur cette page ont été validées au mieux de mes connaissances. Les sources consultées sont énumérées dans la section "Références". Si vous avez des informations supplémentaires que vous voulez partager, vous pouvez me contacter via courriel: Gilles Pinet.


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