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Madeleine Léger1,2,3

F, n. ± 1849-__-__, d. ± 1924-__-__

Les enfants de Madeleine Léger et Fidèle Thibodeau:

Chronology / Chronologie

DatesDetails / Détails
1849Madeleine Léger est née ± 1849-__-__.2
1851Madeleine ne semble pas avoir été énumérée avec sa famille lors du recensement du Canada de 1851.5
1861Elle est apparue dans le recensement du Canada de 1861 à Aboujagane, Westmorland, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada, dans le ménage de ses parents, Hyppolite Léger et Osithe Boudreau.2
1871Elle est apparue dans le recensement du Canada de 1871 à Shediac (sous district), Westmorland, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada, dans le ménage de ses parents, Hyppolite Léger et Osithe Boudreau.3
1882Madeleine Léger a épousé Fidèle Thibodeau, fils de Ambroise Thibodeau et Françoise Babineau, le 1882-10-02 à Saint Henri, Barachois, Westmorland, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada.1
1924Madeleine Léger est décédée ± 1924-__-__ à United States.4
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    Fidele Thibodeau Shediac, Dec. 15 -
    The death of Fidele Thibodeau, of Barachois, occurred on Sunday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Anselme Leger, at the age of 83 years. Although the deceased had been suffering from heart trouble, his passing came as a shock to the parish. His wife predeceased him some twelve years ago in the U.S.A., and he leaves to mourn one son, Anselme, New Hamshire, and four daughters, Mrs. Anselme Leger, of Barachois; Mrs. Denis LeBlanc, of Gardner Mass.; Mrs. Thomas Boudreau and Mrs. Alfred Allard, both of Fitchburg, Mass. The funeral was held this (Tuesday) morning at 8 o'clock from St. Henry's Church, Barachois, with Rev. Father Edgar LeBlanc officiating. The Pallbearers were Aurel, John A. and John P. Leger, Laurent Bourque, Raymond Cormier and Arthur Gaudet. The deceased has a wide circle of friends who gatheres at the church to attend the obsequies and there was a large number of mass cards and floral tributes received.
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    Fidele Boudreau Barachois, Dec. 17 -
    The citizens of Barachois and surrounding districts deeply regret the sudden death of one of their highly esteemed citizens, Mr. Fidele Boudreau, who died Sunday, December 13th, at the age of 84. The deceased gentleman leaves to mourn one son, Mr. Sam Thibodeau, of Hartford, Conn.; also four daughters, Mrs. Thomas Boudreau and Mrs. Zoel Cormier, of Fitchburg, Mass.; Mrs. Frank Allard, of Gardner, Mass., and Mrs. Anselm Leger, of Barachois. The funeral took place Tuesday morning at 8:30 with high mass of requiem celebrated by Rev. Father Edwar LeBlanc, pastor of the parish. The pall-bearers were: Mr. Aurele Leger, Jean Batiste A. Leger, Jean Batiste D. Leger, Arthur Gaudet, all of Barachois; M. Laurent Bourque, of Scoudouc, and Alvine Cormier, of Cape Bauld.

    Note: Should be Fidele Thibodeau not Fidele Boudreau.
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